Discover the collaborations we have undertaken for the Isabelense Community!

At Pop Company, we believe in the importance of contributing to the well-being and development of the communities around us. We are thrilled to share recent initiatives in which we have participated in Santa Isabel, where we have had the privilege of collaborating with various institutions.


In a gesture of support for the brave Volunteer Firefighters of Santa Isabel, Pop Company has donated a state-of-the-art pizza oven. We recognize the tireless work of these local heroes and hope that this contribution provides them with a useful tool to continue their crucial work.


Furthermore, we take pride in our collaboration with Escuela Primaria Número 179 Bartolomé Mitre. We have supplied paints, sandpapers, and other essential products for the improvement of the interior facade, thereby contributing to a more inspiring and welcoming educational environment for the students.


The Escuela Primaria Número 779 Domingo F. Sarmiento has also benefited from our collaboration. On this occasion, we have donated food for the dining hall, where more than 100 students attend daily. It brings us joy to contribute to ensuring that these young individuals have access to essential food for their growth and development.


Finally, we have joined the «Mi Patio» project at Escuela Secundaria Número 214 Mariano Moreno. With the donation of paints and brushes, we aim to support the initiative that seeks to enhance and improve the common spaces of the school. We believe in the importance of creating vibrant and stimulating educational environments that inspire learning and personal growth.


At Pop Company, we are not only committed to the quality of our products but also to social responsibility and support for local communities. We appreciate the warm welcome from the Isabelense Community and look forward to continuing collaboration to build a more prosperous and supportive future together.

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